Applied Physics Coordination

The department of Applied Physics (APL) focuses on developing interdisciplinary research using the tools of theoretical and experimental physics. The research lines of APL address issues relevant to Brazilian scientific and technological development in areas such as biology, medicine, new materials and scientific instrumentation.

Among the areas of study are mineral nanostructures produced by living beings (which have a functional role in the formation of bio-skeletons), calcified tissues, magnetic sensors in magnetotaxia and magnetoreception. Nanomaterials with properties of biocompatibility with human tissue are synthesized and functionalized, aimed at future applications in regenerative medicine, hyperthermia and drug release.

Interaction processes of biomolecules such as peptides, proteins and antibiotics with nanomaterials and nanostructures are modeled semi-classically and by first principle quantum methods.

APL has a comprehensive program for scientific instrumentation leading to the development of radiation detectors, sensors, electronics, automation and programming (software), control and signal processing.

Prototypes and technological solutions are developed in partnership with national and international institutions.

Coordinator Alexandre Malta Rossi Email: Telephone: +55 21 2141-7370
Substitute Coordinator Flavio Garcia Email: Telephone: +55 21 2141-7326
Contact Gilvaneide Souza de Oliveira Email: Telephone: +55 21 2141-7152
Adress César Lattes Building - 2nd floorFAX: +55(21)2141-7160