Low Energy Physics Coordination

The Department of Experimental Low Energy Physics (EXP) conducts research in Fundamental and Applied Physics, with an emphasis on areas of Experimental Condensed Matter, NMR Quantum Information, Materials Science, Nanotechnology and Nanosciences, Surface Physics and Scientific Instrumentation.

The main lines of research are: Heavy Fermions, Superconductivity, Dynamics of Magnetization, Magnetic Oxides, Nanostructured Magnetic Materials, Spintronics,  Multiferroics Materials, Quantum Information Processing, Materials Science and Physical Metallurgy, Biocompatible Surfaces and Materials, Physics of Surfaces, Scientific Instrumentation in Magnetism, Scientific Instrumentation for Surface Physics, Scientific Instrumentation in thin film deposition processes, Nanofabrication, Electron Microscopy, Development of Micro and Nanodevices.

All of these lines of research have the potential for technological applications and innovations, such as the reduction of costs of generating and distributing electrical energy; the development of new technologies applied to medicine with micro and nanosensors for the detection of pathogens and elements detrimental to human health and animals or the environment; aerospace and defense, among others.

The Department considers that the joining together of basic research with practical applications is the most effective way to develop new technologies and products while generating innovation.

The Department has several national and international partnerships for the development of fundamental and applied areas of activity of EXP research.

Coordinator Rubem Luis Sommer Email: sommer@cbpf.br Telephone: +55 21 2141-7279
Substitute Coordinator Magda Bittencourt Fontes Email: magda@cbpf.br Telephone: +55 21 2141-7362
Contact Viviane Vicente de Souza Email: coman@cbpf.br Telephone: +55 21 2141-7305
Adress César Lattes Building - 2nd floor - FAX: +55(21) 2141-7185