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Computational Intelligence and the Future

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Stephen Wolfram

Wolfram Research, USA


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O palestrante Stephen Wolfram

(Crédito: Wolfram Research, Inc.)



Stephen Wolfram is well-known as the creator of ‘Mathematica’, ‘Wolfram/Alpha’ and the ‘Wolfram Language’; the author of A new kind of science; and the founder and CEO of Wolfram Research. Over the course of nearly four decades, he has been a pioneer in the development and application of computational thinking – and has been responsible for many discoveries, inventions and innovations in science, technology and business.


Late in 1981 Wolfram set out on an ambitious new direction in science aimed at understanding the origins of complexity in nature. Wolfram's first key idea was to use computer experiments to study the behavior of simple computer programs known as cellular automata. And starting in 1982, this allowed him to make a series of startling discoveries about the origins of complexity. The papers Wolfram published laid the groundwork for the emerging field that Wolfram called complex systems research.


Through the mid-1980s, Wolfram continued his work on complexity, discovering a number of fundamental connections between computation and nature, and inventing such concepts as computational irreducibility. Wolfram's work led to a wide range of applications – and provided the main scientific foundations for such initiatives as complexity theory and artificial life.


Following his scientific work on complex systems research, in 1986 Wolfram founded the first journal in the field, Complex Systems, and its first research center. Then, after a highly successful career in academia – first at Caltech, then at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and finally as Professor of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Illinois – Wolfram launched Wolfram Research, Inc.


Wolfram has been president and CEO of Wolfram Research since its founding in 1987. In addition to his corporate leadership, Wolfram is deeply involved in the development of the company's technology, personally overseeing the functional design of the company's core products on a daily basis, and constantly introducing new ideas and directions.



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