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This portal follows the rules of e-MAG ("Modelo de Acessibilidade em Governo Eletrônico"), according to the norms of the Brazilian Federal Government, in compliance with Decree 5.296, dated December 2, 2004.

The terms of accessibility means to include a person with a disability in the participation of activities such as the use of products, services and information. .Some examples are the buildings with wheelchair access and bathrooms adapted for the disabled.

On the internet, accessibility mainly refers to the recommendations by WCAG (World Content Accessibility Guide) of W3C and, in the case of the Brazilian government, to the e-MAG ("Modelo de Acessibilidade de Governo Eletrônico"). E-MAG is aligned with the international recommendations, but it establishes patterns for access behaviour of government websites.

At the top of the portal there is an accessibility bar where you may find standard keyboard shortcuts as well as the option to change the contrast. These tools are available on all the webpages of the portal.

The standard keyboard shortcuts of the federal government are:

  • By typing Alt + 1 on any webpage of the portal, you directly reach the start of the main content of the webpage.
  • By typing Alt + 2 on any webpage of the portal, you directly reach the start of the main menu.
  • By typing Alt + 3 on any webpage of the portal, you directly reach the internal search.
  • By typing Alt + 4 on any webpage of the portal, you directly reach the webpage footer.

The above shortcuts are valid for the Chrome browser, but there are the following variations for other browsers.

If you prefer to use Internet Explorer, you need to press the Enter button on the keyboard after one of the above combinations. For example, in order to reach the internal search field you must press Alt + 3 and then Enter.

In the case of Firefox, instead of Alt + number, you need to simultaneously press Alt + Shift + number If you use Firefox on Mac OS, instead of Alt + Shift + number,  you need to simultaneously press Ctrl + Option-Key + number. (N.B.: the Option-Key is Mac's equivalent of the Alt key).

On Opera, the key combinations are given by Shift + Escape + number. When just typing Shift + Escape, the user will see a window with all the ACCESSKEY alternatives of the webpage.

At the end of this text, you may find some files for download that explain in more detail the terms of accessibility and how they should be implemented on Internet sites.

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In case of problems with accessing the portal, please access the Contact webpage.

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